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. >>> the father of trayvon martin takes the stand. we'll find out what he had to say after detectives testified that he initially told them he didn't think it was his son screaming on that 911 tape. >>> president obama revealing how he plans to make the government more efficient. >>> a swirl . >>> the wife of secretary of state john kerry is now in fair condition at a hospital in boston tonight. nbc news has just learned the family called an ambulance when theresa heinz-kerry had symptoms of a seizure but there has been no definitive diagnosis. heinz-kerry is 74 years old and is a breast cancer survivor. secretary john kerry remains by her side. >>> president obama tonight is pushing for less government red tape. he's directed his cabinet to come up with some strategies to make federal agencies more efficient. the president says a new online system is already getting payments out more quickly to small businesses but wants agencies to offer for online services to cut costs and to help small businesses compete for government contracts. >> the basic principle is simple, taxpayers deserve the bigge
with second-degree murder. he's pleading not guilty saying he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. today an expert on gunshot wounds tried to bolster that claim. jay gray is outside of the courthouse in sanford, florida with the latest. >> reporter: good evening from outside of the seminole county courthouse where testimony has ended. the jury heard from a forensic and gunshot expert called by the dembgs strong testimony that seemed to support george zimmerman's account that he acted in self-defense the night trayvon martin was killed. the prosecution had a deliberate push back against this witness. at one point getting him to say that, in fact, the fatal injury could have been sustained as trayvon martin was pulling away from george zimmerman, trying to get away. so that was a point that the state was able to make. but overall most analysts agree it was a strong witness for the defense here today. a second witness was called, a neighbor from the complex that was there the night of the shooting and she, again, identified the voice screaming in the background of the 911 call that night as
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2